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The Current Monthly Overview

Leigh's monthly global overview is available on her blog.

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Personalised Astrological Reports

Order a personally analysed report (not computer generated) which takes into account your personality as well as patterns and trends that may influence and affect you. Your birth data is analysed from a psychological, spiritual, genetic and karmic persepctive in a recorded reading which you can download or have posted to you. You can examine all areas of your life :

Smiling girl Personality Profile
  • Your uniqe gifts, intellectual potential and destiny
  • Challenges you may need to face and overcome in your life
  • How to maximise your potentiall by gaining greater self knowledge
  • Countries and locations that you are best suited to
Child on beach Family & Relationships
  • What type of people you attract
  • Your relationship patterns
  • Which personality types best suit you
  • Family and relationship issues
  • Early life conditioning that has shaped you

Sitting on a bench in front of a lake Health & Wellbeing
  • Which environments are best suited to you
  • Spiritual self understanding
  • A guide to which areas of the body you need to particularly look after
  • Your emotional strengths and weaknesses
Man at desk Career & Money
  • Attitudes to money and value system
  • Career paths that best suit your talents and personality
  • Current work or money situations and how they will evolve or change


Contact Leigh Oswald for a personalised astrological reading.

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About Leigh Oswald

Leigh OswaldAstro Analysis is the website of London-based psychological Astrologer, Leigh Oswald. Leigh has been a practising professional Astrologer for three decades.

Leigh is a qualified teacher and teaches Astrology when time allows. Her academic background prior to studying Astrology included philosophy, psychology, sociology and English literature.

Practising and writing about Astrology has allowed Leigh to bring together many of these disciplines. When she found Astrology, Leigh felt as if she had "come home".

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Astrological Journalism

For many years Leigh has also worked as an astrological journalist for Artnet - a popular US Arts magazine - as well as being the Astrologer for Harpers Bazaar magazine - and she has been featured in Vogue Magazine.

Monthly Overview

A monthly global overview from an astrological perspective Read the full article.

Astrological Wheel

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The overview of the month is a general look at the world view socio-politicially, socio-economically, geophysically and culturally, from an astrological viewpoint i.e. how the planetary movements are reflected in what is going on in the macrocosmic picture for the globe; its people and creatures. It is the current planetary big picture for our Earth.

The monthly forecasts give an insight into what and how the planetary changes (that are constantly in motion) are directly affecting the natives of each Sun sign. Leigh also focuses on certain sub groups (specific birthday periods) within each sign, as they are being uniquely affected. The forecast is therefore more personalised than a standard Sun sign column. Leigh not only describes the type of influences affecting certain birthday groups and for how long and how they might manifest, but also provides insight as to how best to deal with them, so as to maximise the potential and minimise any challenge, depending on the influence.